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Disruptive, technology driven capital market consultancy for exchanges, regulators, issuers, asset managers, investment banks, stock brokers and wealth managers.

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Sovereign Debt

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Corporate Finance

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Technology Providers

Strategy defines Process defines System

Strategic Planning & Development

Tailoring the right financial strategy is key to success. How and why to participate in which market.

Identification of Institutions and Process

Which institutions are relevant to carry out your financial strategy and what process has to be followed.

Digital and Physical Artifacts

Development of online and offline documentation and representation towards investors and customers.

Reference Projects


Roadshow and Investor Relations Support for GRE.


Corporate M&A Strategy and Execution on Buy and Sell sides.


Technology Policies for Capital Market Regulator.


System Integration for a leading European Stock Exchange.

About Us

We are a part of SELISE, a Swiss Consultancy house with a global footprint, that has its roots in the technology sector.

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